Does it hurt a guy to ride a horse?

It’s not uncommon for males to avoid horseback riding because of that “special kind of agony” in the saddle, especially when the horse begins to trot or canter. Yes, it does answer Does it hurt a guy to ride a horse?

Aside from the embarrassment, here’s how males may prevent hurting their testicles when riding.

Does it hurt a guy to ride a horse?

Yes, it does hurt a guy to ride a horse. However, many people can get over and keep riding. To prevent hurting your ball, you should, instead of boxers, use a jock and/or jockey underwear to keep everything close to your body. Also, remember to correct your riding position. When you sit the trot or canter, you will be smacked if you are leaning forward in the saddle at all.

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Check to see if you’re sitting on your seat bones with your pelvic somewhat tucked under you. Women generally sit with their backs very arched, which means they sit directly on their crotches. When the horse trots or canters, it is excruciatingly painful and can even result in blood. If a man sits in this position, he will get struck in the testicles. Ouch!

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If you’re not sure where your seat bones are, try this: Place your feet on a hard surface, such as a coffee table. Roll your pelvis under you to flatten your back, then arch your back to sit on your crotch. Repeat this multiple times until you feel what occurs to your seat bones when you do it. You will locate a balance point by sitting straight on your seat bones rather than your crotch or back pockets. That is where you should be when riding.

A “soft” pelvis that flexes with the horse’s back in trot and canter is also required. If your back and hips are stiff, the horse’s movement will cause you to bounce up and down in the saddle, injuring both you and the horse’s back.

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The other issue is that we are so used to sitting in chairs that our hip joints do not expand up as much when we are in the saddle. When you’re in the saddle, your heels should be squarely beneath your hips, however most people sit like they’re in a chair: Their hips and thighs make an acute angle, similar to how you sit in a chair. When your hips are positioned this manner, they cannot bend with the horse’s back, causing you to bounce awkwardly.

To see what I mean, sit in a chair enjoying the best air purifier and try rolling your pelvis forward and back (as if you were executing a bump and grind dance routine). You simply cannot. Now try standing up and repeating the same technique with your heels directly beneath your hips. No worries. When you sit on a horse, your hip joints must be open like this.

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Locate a reputable trainer who will assist you in practicing on a long line until you find your seat. Riding should not be harmful. It should feel good in all gaits.